Stories Under the Tree


A magical collection of 18 Christmas stories

Only at Christmas time, there’s something special in the air, that only happens at this time of year. Some call it magic: whether you believe it or not, in any case, it’s the secret ingredient of stories that are always new, and all that matters is that someone is still able to get us excited about a story.

  • “Whatever the truth may be, it doesn’t matter: in the world of stories, and stories for children, the only thing that matters is that a friend is telling them. Like mine have done, in the pages that follow.” - Pier Domenico Baccalario


The Stories

The Dream Shop by Pier Domenico Baccalario

Father Christmas Doesn’t Exist by Davide Morosinotto

Frankfurters and Mayonnaise for Christmas by Luca Bianchini

The Christmas Tree by Emma Cianchi

Christmas Wishlists by Andrea Tullio Canobbio

Christmas Was Back by Elena Peduzzi

And So This is Xmas (Fog is Over) by Andrea Pau Melis

Snowy Night by Gisella Laterza

The Communications Office by Veruska Motta

Mr Vezio by Marco Pelliccioli

The Ember on the Roof by Azzurra D’Agostino

Grown-up Things by Angelo Mozzillo

Fidelio Valt’s Plan for Joy by Manlio Castagna

Run. Run. Run. by Igor De Amicis and Paola Luciani

A Sled on the Radar by Christian Antonini

It’s the Thought that Counts by Dimitri Galli Rohl

A Christm@s talƏ by Giuseppe D’Anna

The Worst and Best Christmas of All Time by Marco Ponti


GENRE Christmas
FIRST PUBLISHER Gallucci Editore (Italy), 2022