Journey Beyond the Unknown


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Take a human mind and an Artificial Intelligence programme. Provide the same directions and rules. Ask them both to build a story. This is a journey beyond the unknown, a narrative challenge. Love, adventure, emotions. An experiment to try to understand the challenges of the future.

These Artificial Intelligence programmes! They say that they can now do absolutely anything... Even write a story? In the sense of a real novel? Better than a “human” one? Worse? The same? We’ve been wondering this for a long time, so we decided to set up a challenge. We took a story idea, or rather the seed of a story. And we entrusted it to the hands of a very good debut author. And a machine. Two completely different novels came out of it, which deserve to be read both alone and together. In the end, we thought we’d also add an essay to tell you about the experiment. Because the future is coming. And we’re really curious to see what will happen.

  • A story of love and adventure written by a human author.
  • And another story of love and adventure written by a machine.
  • How is it possible? Well, there’s an essay specifically to tell you.
GENRE Adventure, Romantic
FIRST PUBLISHER Il Castoro (Italy), 2024