Swimming with Fede


Ten tips for kids from the 'divine' Federica Pellegrini, queen of Italian swimming

Don’t know how to swim? Don’t worry, the queen of swimming is waiting for you at the pool ready to help you out – that’s right, Federica Pellegrini herself. Along with five new friends all set to learn how to stay afloat… not only in the pool, but every day!

A story told through ten short episodes, with five characters: curious kids, totally different from one another, like the readers. And Fede will take them all to the pool, where they’ll show the courage to face tests both large and small from an early age: tests that help us grow, one day at a time. Because everyone can become a happy little fish in the water, in their own way, and grow a little more every day!

  • Federica Pellegrini's first children's book.

  • A fresh and subtle approach, accompanied by imaginative illustrations, that transforms the pool into the whole world.

  • Federica offers children tips that aren't just helpful swimming lessons but also ideas they can use every day, everywhere.

GENRE Non-fiction
FIRST PUBLISHER Solferino (Italy), 2022


Federica Pellegrini (Mirano, 1988), nicknamed ‘Divine’, is the greatest female Italian swimmer of all time. She took her first plunge into the pool when she was tiny, before she could even walk. In 2004, at the Athens Olympics, Federica won the silver medal at sixteen years old, becoming the youngest medal-winner in the history of Italian sport. Four years later, in 2008, the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics made her the youngest individual medal winner in the history of swimming. At the “Roma 2009” World Championships, she set the 200m freestyle record at 1:52.98, which is still unbeaten. In 2020, she was elected to the IOC Athletes’ Commission.