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A scenic and enveloping story.
An epic journey of self-discovery with a stunning plot twist.

The wild nature of Jack London is back, in a novel with strong introspective aspects. The incredible adventure of Janis, a young Polish dissident who escapes from a katorga, one of the terrible tsarist prison camps isolated in the Siberian taiga. One morning, an event as mysterious as it is powerful shakes the camp, enabling Janis to escape. It is probably a meteorite that really crashed to earth in Tunguska on the 30th of June 1908. Thus begins his journey across hostile terrain and into himself, as he tries to understand who he really is and what is the burden he carries inside. A terrible truth will be revealed to Janis through an encounter with a shaman, a truth that concerns his past and which will overturn his view of the world.

  • A tense story that explores the human soul.

  • A realistic adventure into the wildest, most hostile natural environment.

GENRE Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER San Paolo (Italy), 2023