Ten Little Tenants

One disturbing apartment building,
ten murders,
one special challenge for Inspector Asgren.

While the city seems to be plunging into a nightmare of continual blackouts and tremors, a murder takes place in Ash Building, a sinister apartment building in the extreme outskirts of the city. Unusually, the famous detective inspector Julius Asgren – the star of the city police force – is called in to conduct the investigation. But what’s so special about this murder, that it requires the attention of such a renowned police officer? Soon Inspector Asgren, along with the reader, will discover that nothing is normal in this building, starting with the tenants, who are dying like flies. A spiral of death that is turning into the most infernal case of Asgren’s long career.

  • An intense and unique atmosphere, making this the first ever noir for kids.

  • Illustrations by Dalla Fontana: full of mystery, but also an irresistible streak of black humour.
  • Two powerful plot twists that come together in a totally unexpected finale.


GENRE Mystery
FIRST PUBLISHER Piemme (Italy), 2022

Pierdomenico Baccalario


Pierdomenico grew up in an old house with a library containing more than 20,000 volumes. A writer and journalist, his books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into over 30 languages. Today he is considered one of the greatest Italian children’s authors.




Alessandro grew up in the hilly region of Monferrato before moving to Turin. There, he gained a degree and Ph.D. in philosophy, just in time to discover that the world didn’t need another philosopher. At this point, his friend Pierdomenico suggested he start writing children’s stories. Since then, Alessandro has written more than thirty books, published in numerous countries.



Andrea works with all aspects of graphics, from food packaging to social campaigns. His passion for illustration led him to join Book on a Tree. In October 2018, the first two volumes of the series “The Fetid Four” (Piemme) were released; and he is currently working on a graphic novel and publishing projects due out in 2020. For the last four years, he has appeared every Wednesday in the pages of the La Stampa newspaper with a humorous cartoon.