The 3rd Floor

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When death is entertainment! Is it a macabre theatrical performance or reality that goes on stage, every Tuesday and Saturday on the stage of the 3rd floor?

“The 3rd Floor” is the most widely watched online show in the United States of Europe. Every episode, millions of people pay to watch the final scene, in which the actors play Russian roulette with a pistol that fires real bullets. Every episode, the actor who points it at his temple risks his life for his art. Literally. Marc Milazzo is that actor. And his survival, episode after episode, has made “The 3rd Floor” the most-watched show in history. Although he would like to be free of that role. In any way possible.

  • A book that you read all in one breath, act after act, following the structure of an unrelenting piece of theatre and with an ending that is a real coup de théâtre.

  • The future imagined by Andrea Pau seems very familiar: it's frighteningly similar to our present.


GENRE Uchronia / Thriller


Andrea is scriptwriter, comics and children books writer. His books have been published by the main Italian publishing houses and translated in different languages included Chinese.