The Amazing Jimbo


Disastrous, hilarious, unstoppable… an evil genius. Teachers beware!

Tweedbrain Middle School has the strictest, harshest, most demanding teachers in the city. Laughter is strictly off-limits, and everyone knows it; well, everyone except for the Amazing Jimbo: the zaniest, funniest and least studious pupil in the world...

  • A hilarious story with outrageous ideas on every page.

  • A brand-new classroom romp for all those who loved Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

  • Alessandro Gatti is the author who sold 80 thousand copies of Klinkus Corteccia in Italy.


The Amazing Jimbo and the Old Mummy

When Miss Fanger calls the Amazing Jimbo to the front of the class, he recounts the amazing exploits of the Ancient Egyptian Fanfarers, the famous ruler Totalcatman, and other Egyptians invented on the spot. But what happens when, at the entrance of the building he lives in, Jimbo sees… a real mummy appear?

The Amazing Jimbo and the Barbarian Invasions

Class is never a bore with the Amazing Jimbo around: with him, every lesson turns into an incredible adventure. Like when he starts to tell everyone about the terrible barbarian Frakassurdur, or about the incredible deeds of the Felts. But things start to get really weird when Jimbo begins to hear terrible noises coming from the apartment above his home. Have the barbarians really arrived?


GENRE Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER DeA Planeta (Italy), 2019


Alessandro grew up in the hilly region of Monferrato before moving to Turin. There, he gained a degree and Ph.D. in philosophy, just in time to discover that the world didn’t need another philosopher. At this point, his friend Pierdomenico suggested he start writing children’s stories. Since then, Alessandro has written more than thirty books, published in numerous countries.