The Anti-Bullying League


The most intrepid secret society set to fight (and beat!) the planet's bullies.

Do they scribble on your books with indelible ink? Steal your sandwiches at lunch time?

Never fear: racing to the rescue with cunning, courage and a few resounding slaps, it’s the A.B.L: THE ANTI-BULLYING LEAGUE.

Bullies around the world, beware: better be on your way... right now!

  • Fun and adventurous stories that deal with bullying in a light-hearted, easygoing style.

  • The group and their friendship provide the strength to face misfortune with courage.


The Masked Fighter

Arnold is the new kid at his middle school and things couldn’t be worse: he was targeted by the worst of the bullies, the notorious Joe Socks. Between one ambush and another, he’s invited to a meeting in an abandoned gym. Could it be a joke? No: it’s the base of the Anti-Bullying League, a secret society that aims to defeat the planet’s bullies. One thing is clear: Joe Socks’s days are numbered!

Dorothy Superfashion

Dorothy McNife is the most fashionable girl in school, but she’s also all the other girls’ nightmare, taking every opportunity to make fun of them on her blog! Panic has now spread and the Anti-Bullying League must intervene. Arnold and his friends, however, have a problem. How can they defeat her? Alison is their only chance. Among spectacular twists and turns, the meeting of the century is being prepared!

The Invincible Thanos

There’s a new student: Thanos, a great Luca Libre wrestler and… a super bully! He beats up his victims, makes fun of them, steals their snacks… The ABL agents take action. Alison gathers information, Arnold and Jamal challenge him to a fight, Nguien builds an extra-powerful android… but it’s all in vain: Thanos is invincible! But when all seems lost, the young scientist discovers an incredible truth about the enemy (as well as his weakness!).

The Final Challenge

A mysterious series of thefts are taking place at De La Vega middle school: bicycle wheels, bathroom pipes, streetlights from the playground, and much more. It seems a simple case for the Anti-Bullying League… but what if it’s actually something more than a few petty thefts? What if it’s all part of a diabolic plan designed by a powerful enemy? Arnold, Alison, Jamal and Nguien prepare to face their biggest challenge. The League is in danger!


GENRE Adventure/Humour
FIRST PUBLISHER Edizioni Lapis (Italy), 2020


Igor is a Chief Commissioner of the Penitentiary Police, while Paola is a support teacher in primary schools. Partners both in life and in writing, and screenwriters of animated cartoons, their books have been published in several countries.