The Beasts

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Three bandits without a plan, twenty-one hostages with no escape, twenty-four hours of pure horror

This is the story...

... of Lynx, Buzzard and Toad, three amateur criminals fleeing from a robbery gone wrong.

... of a class of high school students taken hostage during a trip to an abandoned former hospital.

... of the former Boeri sanatorium, which hides layers of cursed stories, buried in its crumbling walls and dark bowels.

... of a girl with an extrasensory power that allows her to perceive Evil.

... of animals and humans transformed into beasts by certain ghosts of the mind and the ferocity of their torturers.

  • A provinical town suspended in a foggy, silent land, and hidden secrets that teem beneath a seemingly peaceful surface.

  • A tense and fast-paced horror-thriller for young people, following in the footsteps of Stephen King, with echoes of the new frontiers of serial horror: Hill House, Marianne; and classic chiller brand cinema: The Shining, The Orphanage and The Others.

GENRE Horror
FIRST PUBLISHER Piemme (Italy), 2020
RIGHTS SOLD TV rights optioned


Manlio has a long career in children's film festivals, as deputy director of Giffoni, and his debut saga for Mondadori (the fantasy trilogy: Petrademone) is a bestseller whose cinematographic rights have been acquired by Ivan Cotroneo and Indigo to develop a TV series. He has worked for Cristal Sky, a Hollywood-based production company, and as creative consultant for Doha Film Institute, the most important film producer in the Middle East.



Guido is one of the most famous Italian children’s book writers. He writes for newspapers, cinema and television. Author of over one hundred books, his stories have been translated into many languages and have won all the major literary prizes dedicated to writing for children, such as the Italian Andersen in 2009, 2015 and 2018, and the Strega Children’s Prize in 2019.