The Big Book of Magical Objects

Be amazed by the extraordinary collection of over two hundred magical items collected through the centuries.
Sixteen rooms for a treasure trove of knowledge and magic waiting to be discovered.

A weird wizard has collected the most famous magical things of all time in his mind-boggling mansion. Every room bristles with knowledge and magic: the flying carpet from Arabian Nights; the Narnia wardrobe; the Celtic sword of Durendal the Mighty; the Hogwarts sorting hat; Snow White’s poisoned apple; Gilgamesh’s flower of immortality; Mary Poppins’ umbrella; and Pullman’s Golden Compass.

  • A compendium of magical artefacts taken from literature, fables, myth and folklore from every culture.

  • A guide to an enchanted palace, where, room by room, the reader will discover the wizard's extended collection of memorabilia.

  • Each illustrated object comes with a description of its specific supernatural qualities, plus a short (and funny) description of its history and origin.


GENRE Fantasy
FIRST PUBLISHER Il Castoro (Italy), 2016
FOREIGN RIGHTS SOLD Russia, Japan, Armenia


Pierdomenico grew up in an old house with a library containing more than 20,000 volumes. A writer and journalist, his books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into over 30 languages. Today he is considered one of the greatest Italian children’s authors.




Jacopo Olivieri, a versatile artist, started off as an illustrator and cartoonist. He worked for years in the theatre as a costume designer and set designer. He has published children’s books with the leading Italian publishing houses.