The Big Book of Submarines

Everything, absolutely everything,
you want to know about submarines.

A journey of discovery, told through infographics, of all aspects of submarines, from the science of how they work to the technology of their systems and structures. How do you live on a submarine? How do you freshen the air, supply the water, cook food? How do you look or listen outside? An array of military and civil models, for rescue and exploration, discovery of their features and fun facts. Plenty of extra in-depth information on the most unusual aspects. Plus eight exciting stories: stories of submarines and sailors across various time periods.

  • A mixture of technical pages focusing on technological aspects, and the tales concentrating on people and human aspects... but always closely linked to the world of submarines.
  • Numerous in-depth sections full of fun facts.
  • Attractive and engaging illustrations.
GENRE Narrative Non-fiction
FIRST PUBLISHER Editoriale Scienza (Italy), 2022


Christian was born in Milan to an Italian mother and German father. He studied aeronautical engineering and has worked in role-playing games, journalism, IT and photography. He lives in Milan with his wife, two daughters and dog.