The Book Rebels


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Welcome to Banalia, the beach of clandestine readers.

Pierluigi’s parents are in a strangely good mood, because they’ve just decided to go to Banalia for their next holiday: it’s not too far away but not too close, either; enjoyable but not unforgettable; and with a beach, but not a particularly beautiful one.

So why go there then? Pierluigi can’t understand it, and what’s more, he’s bored there. Really bored. And so are his new friends: the silly identical twins Edoardo and Everardo, and brave, green-eyed Margherita. Until the day they discover something weird about Banalia: children are ABSOLUTELY BANNED FROM READING BOOKS.

At first it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but the four are soon involved in top secret missions, hangouts in secret forts, escapes, chases, stealing books (in fragments!), and even prophecies. Because reading, of course, is one of the most exciting activities of all.

  • A novel, child's play, created from the imagination of two great friends in work and in life, united by their love of books - because reading is the key to freedom and happiness.

  • "Reading a good book or rather, a book we enjoy, makes us happy. And children have the same right as anyone else of any age to be happy, here and now." - Luigi Spagnol


GENRE Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Salani (Italy), 2022


Born in Acqui Terme in 1974, Pier Domenico started writing at an early age and won the Il Battello a Vapore Prize in 1998. Since then he has written many adventure stories, series, and fantasy novels for children, translated into 30 languages and published by top Italian and foreign publishers. For over 20 years he has worked with the Lucca Comics & Games organisation, as well as with La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera’s La Lettura. In 2013 he created the creative agency Book on a Tree, in London.



Luigi changed the face of children’s publishing, bringing great international successes to Italy – like Harry Potter and The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly – and great authors, like Pullman and Almond, before they became global phenomena. More than an editor, he is a man who has made a mission of his passion – children’s literature – with the unshakeable certainty that reading leads to happiness. His bequest is one of the most significant and respected children’s catalogues in the world, which has sparked the imagination of hundreds of thousands of young readers in the past, present and future.