The Boy Born a Witch


Why settle for being normal when you can be special?

Andrea Kazam is a boy like many others. A little stubborn, a little impulsive, but ultimately a pretty normal sort. A little too normal, perhaps.

But something is about to change. There is a secret, hidden among dust and cobwebs, just waiting to be revealed: Andrea is the latest descendent of a long line of witches and, as such, has the right to obtain the family magical powers.

His parents, however, beg to differ, because… well, come on, I mean… no one’s ever seen a male witch!

But it’s too late now. Andrea has discovered what makes him special and has absolutely no intention of giving it up: he wants to be a witch!

Will he manage, with the help of the little witch Sara Gadula and her dachshund Paiolo, to be accepted by the Witches Coven of Greenmoon? And what if at the end he, the male witch, will be the only one able to save the town from an ancient and tremendous curse?

  • A Billy Elliot in magic sauce, which between pointed hats and flying brooms reminds us that there are no “female things”.

  • The atmosphere of Harry Potter and Fairy Oak, narrated with a Terry Pratchett-style humour.
  • An enchanting (and enchanted!) town, a coven of witches, a stubborn boy, a magical friend, three bitter rivals, an interfering dachshund… and then owls, salamanders, ghosts, potions and books of shadows – you name it – in a story full of action and laughter!


GENRE Fantasy / Humour
FIRST PUBLISHER Battello a Vapore (Italy), 2022


Giuseppe was born and raised in the brilliant Sicilian sunshine, and trained in graphic design and creative writing in the Tuscan hills. Right now, he lives here and there (and somewhere else), and in the meantime he is having fun writing books for children and teenagers. As he loves to repeat (without being asked), writing and illustrating aren’t so very different: whether through pictures or words, it’s still storytelling.