The City of Witches

A mysterious villa haunted by spirits,
A gang of children ready for anything,
The saving power of friendship.

Frederic has moved with his parents from Los Angeles to Turin. But the villa he lives in is as sumptuous as it is... haunted! In its sinister corridors wanders the ghost of a girl. And immediately after her appearance, Tommy, one of Frederic’s friends, disappears under unclear circumstances. It’s hard to believe that it’s just a coincidence. Frederic involves Liz, his friend with the fascinating purple eyes, and the loyal Ben, who as always manages to be at his side at exactly the right moment, in the search. During the daring adventures that unfold in bringing their friend to safety, it immediately becomes clear that Tommy is just a decoy and the real prey is Frederic himself... But why? The answer is hidden in the villa’s basement. And it’s Frederic who finds it, among the forgotten pages of an old diary dating back to the Second World War. A local sisterhood of witches and the spirit of a teenage girl evoked by mistake during a seance will lead the children towards a real descent into the underground kingdom of ghosts. A thrilling, adventurous tale, where only the light of friendship can illuminate the past.

  • A chilling (fear and death) and heart-pounding (friendship and love) story.

  • The eternal struggle between good and evil in a thrilling, adventurous tale whose strength is the saving power of friendship.

  • A magical Turin waiting to be discovered.
GENRE Mystery, Adventure, Horror, Crime
FIRST PUBLISHER Salani (Italy), 2023