The Cloud Seeker

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Captains Courageous meets Corto Maltese.
A journey across the Indian Ocean, among history, adventure and feelings, an adventure called "life".

Tristan is twelve years old, attends an exclusive school in Singapore, and is the prince of a small kingdom in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Cocos Islands.

When the First World War breaks out, the boy finds himself aboard the Emden, the German cruiser of the privateer and gentleman Von Müller, an enemy of his kingdom.

The commander decides that it’s time for Tristan to be put to work as a deckhand and lookout, he who was raised among vices and luxury to become a ruler. Thus, in the middle of storms and naval battles, Tristan discovers that anything is possible, even respecting one’s enemies, and that the life of a spoiled prince isn’t for him.

He was born to look at the clouds from afar, and to experience a thousand adventures.

  • German privateers, the first world war, a prince, and the most incredible story, in an adventurous journey of growth and discovery of life.

  • The Emden and its commander Von Müller really existed, and so do the Cocos Islands. Alone, the cruiser sowed terror along the routes of the Indian Ocean in the first few months of the war.


GENRE Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Piemme (Italy), 2021


Christian is the author of books for children and adults, with a passion for history, adventure and fantasy. He has worked as an editor for periodicals and publishing houses and has worked professionally with board games, simulation games and role-playing games. In 2016, he made his debut in the world of children’s fiction with the novel Fuorigioco a Berlino (The Berlin Offside), which won the 2017 Bancarellino Selection Award and the Il Gigante delle Langhe national prize.