The Coming of the Bear

Bears are unpredictable creatures.
When you think you've got to know them,
it's really they that have got to know you.

Kevin and Viola are two adolescents that appear to have nothing in common. He lives in a big city and loves technology. She grew up in the countryside, adores animals and doesn’t even possess a mobile phone. When they meet at the Abruzzo National Park at summer camp, their paths cross with a brave park warden and with Kahru, a Marsican brown bear. But many are determined to exploit nature for profit and there is someone skulking in the shadows to exterminate the last few remaining Marsican bears. Viola and Kevin’s camp engages in a battle against time to save the species on the brink of extinction. They explore the world around them and brave chases and threats all in the name of a greater power: life itself.

  • Inspired by a true story.

  • A strong, distinctive setting, for an extraordinary journey through the dangers and wonders of nature.
GENRE Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Salani (Italy), 2013