The Dust King's Window


In an attic in the Lublin ghetto is the kingdom of Henio, a Jewish boy.

He has a secret, and he shares it with his best friend, who isn’t Jewish. A marvel is hidden behind the dusty glass of one of the attic windows: a different world, perhaps a place of peace, different from the horror of war that can be seen from the other window. For those who are Jews, the time comes to flee. So, on the night of the 16th of March, Henio runs to his friend to convince him to run away together, but his friend is scared and stays. On the morning of the roundup, Henio is missing. His friend looks for him everywhere, even in the attic, where a big surprise awaits him: on the glass of the window, children’s fingerprints and a name that is a goodbye.

  • Pierdomenico Baccalario and Alice Barberini give us a moving story that removes the dust from the history of the Lublin ghetto and imagines a different epilogue, for Henio Zytomirski too.

GENRE Historical
FIRST PUBLISHER Orecchio Acerbo (Italy), 2023


Born in Acqui Terme in 1974, Pier Domenico started writing at an early age and won the Il Battello a Vapore Prize in 1998. Since then he has written many adventure stories, series, and fantasy novels for children, translated into 30 languages and published by top Italian and foreign publishers. For over 20 years he has worked with the Lucca Comics & Games organisation, as well as with La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera’s La Lettura. In 2013 he created the creative agency Book on a Tree, in London.