The Fear of the Lion


No one is free from fear, not even the ferocious mountain lion!

In fairy tales, everyone cheers for the three little pigs... But in reality, every ecosystem also needs its “big bad” wolf to survive. Predators are fundamental for the natural world where everything pivots between those that run to feed themselves and those that run away to save their own lives.

Fear connects all creatures, transforms territories, forces living beings to change and adapt.

In this book, each chapter starts with an animal and explains a different aspect of the “phenomenon of fear” and how, on the whole, it transforms the lives of all animals.

Because no one is free from fear.

Not even the ferocious and majestic mountain lion.

  • Real adventures experienced first-hand by the author are mixed in with the most up-to-date scientific research.

  • A book on predators written by a biologist who has been studying predators for years and her brother, an internationally award-winning author.

  • Deals with ecosystems and interactions between animals but also with climate change, pollution and invasive species.
  • Biology has never been so fun.


GENRE Non-fiction
FIRST PUBLISHER Rizzoli (Italy), 2022


Chiara graduated in evolutionary biology in Padua and immediately left for Finland. There, she obtained a PhD and has worked for 15 years as a researcher for the University of Turku and the NOVIA University of Applied Science, specialising in anti-predator behaviour and stress responses in the animal world.



Davide, Chiara’s brother, studied in Bologna, where he lives. A multi-award-winning writer of children’s books, translated into 24 languages, he is the author of, among others, Il Rinomato catalogo Walker & Dawn (The Pocket Watch Gang), Mondadori, 2017, winner of the Andersen Prize 2017, and La più Grande (The Greatest), Rizzoli, 2020, winner of the Strega Children’s Prize 2021.