The Fetid Four



May the farts be with you!

At Charles Darwin primary school, Operation Greyness is underway. Lord Soporiferous and the new headteacher, Darth Water, are on a mission to conquer schools across the planet. Luckily, the Fetid Four are here – brave fighters of Terminal Boredom!

  • Stories that poke fun at everyday school situations, canteen food, teachers, PE and things every child can identify with.

  • Featuring Captain Armpit and his Perspiration-power, the Legendary FRRP! and his Fart-power, Lady Snot and her Bogey-power, and Belchman and his Eructa-dynamism.


The Fetid Four Fight Terminal Boredom

A primary school, a caretaker, 4 superheroes and a great enemy to beat: terminal boredom! The first horrid adventure of the Fetid Four.

The Fetid Four Fight the Creature of the Canteen

The new healthy cook has an evil plan to conquer the school: putrid soup! But 4 unlikely superheroes can stop her… The second horrid adventure of the Fetid Four.


GENRE Humour / Superhero
FIRST PUBLISHER Piemme (Italy), 2018


D.S Gusting spent his youth working in a sandwich shop. He became a cheese expert and spent his days looking for Le Grand Putride. After finally tasting it, he was unconscious for several days. On awakening, having forgotten his past, he started a new life as a writer. Clearly this isn’t true. The name hides three mysterious Italian authors…