The Folio Club

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Eleven students.
An exclusive club.
Dark secrets and fatal obsessions.

An exclusive boarding school in Switzerland, the Trinity. An elite group of students led by a charismatic boy who calls himself Byron. They dress like the cursed poets and meet up, at night, in a boathouse chosen as their refuge, where they drink, smoke opium and gamble. But that’s not all. An aura of mystery and perhaps fear hangs around the Folio Club, the name of their little circle. What the members of the club really do, no one knows for sure, but some tragic events seem to be associated with their secret activities. When Niccolò, after being expelled from four schools, arrives at the Trinity Lyceum, he is immediately ensnared by Bryon who wants him in the club. When Byron later disappears without a trace, Niccolò starts asking himself some questions. What does the club have to do with Marcello Turrini’s suicide the previous year? And why did a mysterious man come looking for Byron at the boarding school just the day before his disappearance?

  • A modern novel between a thriller and a romance.
  • Strong characters who remain in the readers’ imaginations.
  • Pace and appeal of a TV series.
  • A compelling narrative, a mix of mystery, drama and crime, set against the backdrop of a prestigious educational institution.
  • Secret societies, personal demons and the quest for truth.
GENRE Thriller, Mystery, Romance
FIRST PUBLISHER DeAgostini (Italy), 2024