The Forbidden Hour

A delicate love story with a touch of magic.

Since ancient times, there’s always been a certain time of day in summer in southern Italy when you can’t go outside: the very hot hours of the early afternoon. But Filomena disobeys, because she’s angry with her mum, because she feels inadequate, because she’s just lost her beloved granny and because… well, she’s 13. During this forbidden and magical time she meets a mysterious boy whose body casts no shadow in the sunshine. His name is Damiano. He has black hair, as tangled as brambles, eyes so beautiful you could drown in them, a bold expression and… a secret that will change Filomena’s life with all the power of first love.

  • A delicate, authentic and engaging love story, the sort that make you dream, and take ownership of the most beautiful phrases, copying them down in a diary.

  • A story about the power of stories, since mythological times.

  • A story about love (and also death) as a driving force of change.

  • A story on teenage themes: the meaning of love and why it’s the opposite of possession; the fear of growing up and changing; the need to let yourself go; relationships with parents and friends.

GENRE Romance, Magical realism
FIRST PUBLISHER Il Castoro (Italy), 2023