The Forest


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A tale of two young strangers who form a bond as deep as sisters.

It’s the 19th of April 1943 in Warsaw, the capital city of Nazi-occupied Poland. For the feisty and street-smart Zuzanna, 16, it seems like just another day fighting to stay alive in the Warsaw Ghetto, where hundreds of thousands of Jewish people are living in cramped and squalid conditions, with little to no means to survive. That is until Zuzanna is given an unexpected chance to escape, on the condition that she takes the meek and little Hanna, 11, with her.

The story of two girls who form an unlikely friendship as deep as sisters while hiding in a cold, mysterious forest as a courageous battle unfolds nearby: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Together, Zuzanna and Hanna must find new ways to carry on. Can they contain their fears, resolve their differences, and learn to trust and rely on each other fully in such dark and confusing times?

  • A coming-of-age story for young readers with a passion for history and adventure.

  • This educational tale describes the power of resilience, valour, and sisterhood over fear, adversity, and the unknown.


GENRE Graphic novel, Adventure, Historical
FIRST PUBLISHER Electacomics (Italy), 2022


Harriet is a British writer. She has always loved history and stories about brave girls and women from all over the world. Harriet began by writing and illustrating her own comic stories, contributing to the fervent indie comic scene in London, before moving on to comics for kids, YA and television screenplays. She currently lives in New York with her husband and her cat. The Forest is her first graphic novel.



Riccardo – known professionally as Ruggine – has always been passionate about comics and animation. In 2001, at the age of 20, he won the Pierlambicchi competition for budding comic artists and received the prize from John Buscema himself. Since then, he has published for Starcomics, Shockdom, Marvel and Mondadori; he also has forays into the world of cinema and animation under his belt. Riccardo has twenty years of experience as a drawing teacher and, since 2006, as a collaborator of the Lucca Comics and Games convention.