The Fox King

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She will learn to make her voice heard and discover her own strength, facing challenges bigger than herself in the company of a very spoiled but charming king.

On the day of her eighteenth birthday, Marian has very little to celebrate: her mother has promised her hand in marriage to the detestable Carl Lawrence, and she has no choice but to obey.

It’s precisely in her future husband’s country residence that the girl encounters a fox hidden in a bush. Incredible but true, the fox talks to her. His name is Macbeth, and he makes her a promise: if Marian helps him return to Faerie, the Fox King will grant her any wish in return. Marian, who has done nothing but be subjected to other people’s decisions all her life, has no doubts. This is the chance she’s always dreamed of to reclaim her freedom!

As soon as she crosses the passage between Elsewhere and the world of Faerie, however, she discovers she’s got herself into a whole lot of trouble and that Aleister, the Fox King, isn't exactly as she had imagined.

In the company of the very spoiled (but charming) king, Marian will have to escape vindictive fairies, enter the underground labyrinth of the dwarves, defend herself from droves of goblins and ferocious monsters. But above all, for the first time, she will have to learn to make her voice heard.

  • A captivating fantasy, a story of magic, love and personal growth, which takes us back to the atmospheres of the novels of Jane Austen and Diana Wynne Jones.

  • Unforgettable characters, an irresistible and iconic fox king, a plot full of twists.

GENRE Fantasy, Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Rizzoli (Italy), 2023