The Garden of Whishes


Nobody knows. But falling stars are actually seeds. Once they reach the Earth, those little black stones we call meteorites, can be gathered, planted and cultivated. It’s hard, but with the right amount of care they will sprout. And their luminous, magical aura makes people’s dreams come true: it is the flower of wishes. Among the forests of the Apennines there was a star-gardener who had learned how to take care of these delicate, sparkling plants; but after he died, the secret was lost. For a long time the plants he had cultivated did not flower, and the wishes continued to sleep. But then Davide and Margherita came, and discovered that managing people’s dreams is more difficult than you might think. But also much, much more adventurous...

  • A star gardener never plants his own wishes. Selfishness and bad wishes compromise all the seeds

  • A hymn to the power of wishes, able to change the whole universe.

  • A free, powerful adventure, where there is only one rule: never be selfish.

GENRE Fantasy
FIRST PUBLISHER DeA Planeta (Italy), 2020 

Azzurra D'Agostino


Azzura D'Agostino has published various poetry collections, receiving numerous prizes and mentions, including the 2014 Carducci Award. Since 2005 she's written for the theatre and runs writing and poetry workshops for adults and children. In addition to poetry books, she has published numerous illustrated books with Fatatrac and Electa Kids. The Garden of Wishes is her imaginative and poetic debut in children's fiction.