The House at the Edge of the World


A little town that came out of nowhere, two teenagers and a big mystery: what's hiding beyond the horizon?

Two fearless (well... almost) teenagers. A summer that started very badly. An imposing mountain that no one dares approach. A town perched on the top with its strange inhabitants. Old legends and superstitions. Is it really true, as the frightened people of that remote place claim, that beyond the Last House, behind the peak of the mountain, hides the end of the world? There’s only one way to find out: go and see for yourself. It’s not that easy, though. The only path leading there ends in nothingness and the only person who could know anything about it has decided not to talk to anyone anymore. Then add to the mix a terrible storm and a mysterious disappearance...

  • A story of adventure and friendship about overcoming fears and boundaries – physical and mental – that often stop us, to be able to find the courage to look beyond the horizon and find out what’s just a little further on.

  • A breathtaking summer on top of an enchanting mountain, a return to nature to rediscover yourself and the surprising beauty of the world.


GENRE Mystery, Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Piemme (Italy), 2021