The Limbo Diaries


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As compelling as a videogame.
Pop, dark and edgy like a manga.
An original adventure on the border between life and death.

Fourteen-year-old Ottavia wakes up, disoriented and with no memory, in a mysterious and labyrinthine place: the fortress of Haresind. During her escape, she will be accompanied by various creatures, meet other prisoners and, like in the best videogames, face numerous tests, encountering monstrous beings and ambiguous characters. The path that will lead her to safety, piecing back together the puzzle of her memories, will also be the means to discover a secret hidden deep inside the fortress.

  • Inspired by the audio series, already a sensation: the first ever for a young adult target.

  • A tale of growing tension, illustrated by one of the most important Italian designers: Nova.
GENRE Dark fantasy, Weirdo


Manlio wrote and directed his first short film before he had graduated. He then began to collaborate with the Giffoni festival and was its deputy artistic director for a decade, until 2018 when he made his debut as a novelist with the bestselling Petrademone saga (Mondadori). He continues to churn out books and was shortlisted for the Strega Children’s Prize in 2021 with La notte delle Malombre (The Night of the Malombre), Mondadori.