The Line that Separates Things


Two trains cross, on the tracks of this story, two journeys echo in each other.

The Eurostar train with which Thomas, now an adult, returns home from London, leaving a love that has ended behind him, and the old local train that thirty years earlier had brought him, as a child, from the city of Beauvais to Paris, for his first trip alone after another ended love, the one between his parents. Thomas wonders about the moment in which a boundary is crossed: that line that in life marks a before and after, a detachment, perhaps irremediable, from what we were before childhood ended, before love ended. Before we chose our path. A line that is sometimes invisible, but inevitable.

  • The gentle words of Davide Calì and the poetic images of Alessandro Baronciani accompany us along this line, which for each of us runs along the tracks of today and at the same time retraces those of the past.
  • A coming-of-age novel, delicately illustrated and sensitively narrated.  


GENRE Coming-of-age
FIRST PUBLISHER Mondadori (Italy), 2022


Davide Calì was born in Switzerland in 1972 and is an author of illustrated books and graphic novels, mainly dedicated to children. His works have been published in more than 25 countries and translated into numerous languages. He sometimes writes under the pseudonyms Taro Miyazawa and Daikon.