The Man Who Sold Time


There's no more time! Now what's he going to do?

In Vettore’s shop, everyone can find what they want: half an hour more to play with their friends; another five minutes under the covers; a day to dedicate to a new invention. Vettore works from morning to evening, and gives the time he has left over to those who can’t buy it.
Until one day, just when he needs it most, he discovers he’s run out of stock. There’s no more time! Now what’s he going to do? Someone knocks on the door with the answer…

  • From the pen of Luca Cognolato, with the illustrations of Marco Paschetta, a story that helps children understand the value of time as a common good: to be preserved, cherished and even given as a gift, sharing it with those who need it.
GENRE Picture book
FIRST PUBLISHER Terre di Mezzo (Italy), 2024