The Moon Belongs to the Wolves

The world as seen through the eyes of a wolfpack.

Rivers tinged silver by the moon, perfumed ribbons of different colours winding across meadows…
The thrilling journey of a pack of wolves, through the beautiful wilderness of the natural world and the perils of the world of men.

  • Nature and human society seen from the wolves’ point of view.

  • A story that is a metaphor for human civilization; its conflicts and friendships, instinct and reason, prejudices and acceptance of diversity.


GENRE Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Salani (Italy), 2015


Giuseppe has a degree in Natural Sciences and works in the environmental education field. His great passions in life are writing, music and the outdoors. Founder and singer of the Lingalad folk music group, he has also written a number of nature reports for Italian broadcaster RAI, and starred in the award-winning documentary Oltre la Frontiera. His novels have been widely translated.