The Mystery of Gorse Manor

A young girl with a fascination for the macabre turns detective in her grandparents' creepy manor house.

What colour is a dead person’s face? Greta Sullivan had been wondering about it for a while. In horror stories it was white or yellow, but that morning an article had mentioned a strangled guy found “with a cyanotic face” and Greta knew that cyanotic meant blue. And so? Gorse Manor, her grandparents’ house, only fuels her doubts...

  • A broken window, the family jewels stolen and a ghost who misses an appointment…

  • For eight-year-old Greta, curious and resourceful, it’s the beginning of a dream: let the investigation start!


GENRE Mystery
FIRST PUBLISHER Piemme (Italy), 2020


Tommaso lives and writes on an isolated hilltop surrounded by rocks, wind, woods and roe deer. Passionate about stories, sleight of hand, comics and games, he is a curious writer and, as such, tackles various genres, ranging from historical fiction to science fiction, from adventures to thrillers. His novels have been translated into more than twenty languages.