The Mystery of Villa Polyphemus


Sicily, the Cyclops Coast.
Scilla and Leo, twelve years old.
Be afraid, Sherlock Holmes!
They’re about to step into your shoes.

Everyone in town has been wondering the same thing for years: did the mysterious Countess Marquett really harm her cousin who disappeared without a trace? And what’s hidden in the baroque and dusty rooms of the ancient mansion nicknamed Villa Polyphemus? Two twelve-year-olds are ready to uncover the mystery: armed with a lot of stubbornness (her) and a lot of focus (him), they’re about to face the most mysterious and surprising summer of their lives.

  • A crime that unfolds on a double helix: a series of lessons precisely on the genre itself, given by Countess Marquett to the two children.

  • A cosy crime for light-hearted reading, in which part of the unravelling of the puzzles is connected to the myth of Ulysses and Polyphemus.

GENRE Crime, Mystery
FIRST PUBLISHER Battello a Vapore (Italy), 2024