The Night I Killed Kurt Cobain

Defining yourself also means losing something.

Italy, 1994. Frances, 17 years old, with short blue hair, holds a flame that she doesn’t want to betray: it’s her passion for words, music, threshold places and the photographs she takes to tell this story – through what is seen, but above all what you don’t see. She is in love with Kurt Cobain, the leader of her favourite band, Nirvana. Or perhaps she is in love with both members of her grunge band: Zippo and Liam. Liam is the one who discovers that in early March their legend will be coming to Italy to spend time with his wife Courtney Love. It’s the perfect moment to meet him not in the distance of a stage at crowded concerts, but face to face, able to shake his hand, talk, maybe give him a letter. Liam thus proposes to Frances and Zippo that they leave for Rome. Not really running away from home, more a kind of leave from their provincial lives. The journey will be an adventure: between hitchhiking, dangerous promises, squatted social centres and meetings with epic characters, they will manage to reach The Excelsior Hotel where KC is staying in time. It’s the 3rd of March 1994. Frances leaves him two bottles of champagne as a gift. The same ones that will be the cause of the coma in which Cobain ends up that very night, a harbinger of his tragic death, which took place a month later.

  • The '90s setting with a specific focus on grunge, to revive the last adolescence of the twentieth century.
  • Every scene is played in the balance between what you see and what remains behind the photographs of that moment.
  • The strength and ambiguity of love and friendship in adolescence.
  • The passion for a legend, an idol, a hero with all the cursed charm of Kurt Cobain, can give you the courage to follow your own adventure.
  • The power of language. As in a diary or a personal album, every event is told in three ways: the narration of the events, photography with what we don't see, and a poem/song written by the protagonist.
GENRE Realistic Fiction, Coming of Age, Romance
FIRST PUBLISHER Il Castoro (Italy), 2024