The Night of the Stag Beetles

A group of children's return to nature when the world powers down.

Somewhere in time, Alba looks out of her bedroom window. Dark. The war has shut down the city. The last bar of her smartphone battery has disappeared and with it @alba_sunny has also vanished, and perhaps all her light-heartedness. Energy, water, food, family: there’s nothing left in the city for Alba and her sister Yulia, their only chance is to go to their grandparents’ village, in the mountains. But the journey there is difficult, the countryside they cross is no longer the familiar, domesticated landscape they once watched from the car windows. Thanks to a group of mountain children, Ginepro and the Flock of the Twisted Beech, Alba and Yulia will learn new ways of living and will have to protect the village from a band of marauders determined to do anything to take possession of the valley’s precious natural resources. Disconnected from the world, the two sisters will finally reconnect with those around them and with themselves...

  • A journey to freedom through a nature that's taking back its spaces.

  • The delicate balance between man and nature, which requires compromises and sacrifice, but which brings people together and guarantees a future for the individual as well as for the community.
  • The war in the background is nothing more than a powerful need for peace.
GENRE Coming-of-age, Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Salani (Italy), 2023