The Physics of Manga


Which physical law can explain the devastating power of the energy wave in Dragon Ball or the incredible curvature of the football field in Holly & Benji? What physiological characteristics are necessary to survive in the post-atomic world of Ken the Warrior, what kind of molecular structure does Rubber’s hyperflexible body have in One Piece or, again, how can you calculate the intelligence quotient of Light Yagami from Death Note?

The world of Japanese manga is populated by extreme characters, with extraordinary qualities and worlds bordering on the fantastic, yet contemporary physics teaches us that no phenomenon is totally inexplicable, or rather, it is at least possible to try to give everything around us a scientific explanation. And that’s exactly what Andrea Delnegro does in The Physics of Manga. Combining his two greatest passions, Delnegro explains, with simplicity and an ironic and brilliant style, seemingly incomprehensible physical laws, complicated mathematical formulas and complex natural phenomena, drawing on the scenes, secret strokes and characters of the most famous Japanese manga.

  • An original, interesting and fun journey between science, imagination and even a pinch of madness, which compares two worlds that are apparently so different, but actually have so many points in common.
  • A book for everyone: for manga fans, a way to get closer to physics; for physics enthusiasts, a way to discover manga.

GENRE Non-fiction / Science
FIRST PUBLISHER Mondadori (Italy), 2022


Before dedicating himself to scientific dissemination, Andrea worked in a library and, in the meantime, deepened his passions: physics, videogames and manga. A few years ago, he decided to launch his own social channels where he could talk about them freely, creating a community of hundreds of thousands of followers.