The Reincarnation of the Klun Sisters

The dark side of an Italian family in a breathtaking thriller suspended between horror and esotericism.

Italy, 1950s. When the two little Klun sisters die in a hit-and-run, their father doesn’t give up and believes that their destiny is to come back to life, being reincarnated in the twins his wife gives birth to. From birth, one of the two little ones shows disturbing supernatural signs.

Present day: a police officer without talent and intuition investigates the death of the two husbands of Rina Monforte, a follower of a millennial sect called the Association and the lover of its charismatic spokesperson: the writer Attila Mesmeri Tribolati.

1970s: an orphan is adopted and raised in secret by a Jesuit in a monastery lost in the woods, learning the ancient art of invisibility.

Stories and characters distant in time and space that are apparently unrelated and are instead united by an intricate design of Light and Darkness that will lead to unexpected and terrifying discoveries.

  • Kabbalah, witchcraft, ancient (like the Rosicrucian Order) and modern sects, apocryphal gospels, alchemy: the esoteric paraphernalia that has always fascinated a large proportion of readers.
  • An Italian setting, rendered with an international appeal.
  • Loosely inspired by a real case of reincarnation that has never been explained and a terrifying news story that took place in America.
  • A fusion of genres assembled as in a TV series rich in plot twists, pace and cliffhangers.
GENRE Esoteric thriller, horror
FIRST PUBLISHER Mondadori (Italy), 2022 


A screenwriter, director and film critic, for over twenty years Manlio has been involved in organising the Giffoni festival, for which he was deputy artistic director from 2007 to 2018. He made his debut in fiction with the bestselling Petrademone trilogy, published by Mondadori and translated into various languages. He has recently published Le belve (The Beasts), written with Guido Sgardoli, I venti del Male (The Evil Twenty), La notte delle malombre (The Nights of the Malombre), which got a Special Mention at the Cento Prize 2021, Alice resta a casa (Alice stays at home), written with Marco Ponti, and 116 film da vedere prima dei 16 anni (116 films to see before you’re 16).