The River Girls


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Who was I before? That is the question I'm trying to answer.

The lives of Ella and Agnes entwine on the morning of 24th July 1915, the day of the Eastland accident in Chicago. Ella experiences the whirlwind moments of the disaster while Agnes, months later, tries to remember her life before the shipwreck. Their stories reveal that the two little girls have more in common than anyone might imagine…

  • A Sliding Doors from the early 1900s.

  • A story about growing up and accepting yourself, along with tragedy and light-heartedness.

  • Two different voices that bring together the present and past of two girls, full of dreams and desires like so many others.

  • Winner of the A caccia di storie competition, 2021.

GENRE Adventure, History, Coming of Age
FIRST PUBLISHER Il Battello a Vapore (Italy), 2022


Alessandra Ubezio was born in Milan and has lived around the world working as a manager. Now that she is back home, she has dedicated herself to writing, her true passion.