The Sky Thief

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It was decision time. He felt for the handle. Shut his eyes. It would take a few seconds to know if it had worked. Or if he was going to hit the ground and die.

In 1971, a man known as D.B. Cooper hijacked an American scheduled airline and demanded $200,000 and a parachute be brought on board. Then, he left the plane. What did he do next? Thirty-five years later, a boy named Rusty meets an old man called Carter who shows him that “you always get a second chance…”

  • Two stories packed with adventure, acts of bravery and humanity, woven together with narrative mastery.

  • A powerfully honest and moving story, with a surprising twist.


GENRE Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Rizzoli (Italy), 2019
FOREIGN RIGHTS SOLD Lithuania (Alma Littera)


Christian was born in Milan to an Italian mother and German father. He studied aeronautical engineering and has worked in role-playing games, journalism, IT and photography. He lives in Milan with his wife, two daughters and dog. Parachute jumping is not something he’s ever contemplated as he’s afraid of heights.