The Spirits of the Tsunami

The spirits tell an interrupted story; when they’re seen, the story can either continue or come to an end.

Andrea and Marco. Two brothers separated by a tragedy. After the tsunami, Marco’s spirit remains trapped on Earth. How can Andrea help him reach the afterlife? Why is someone tarnishing his memory? No one knows the truth nor can explain what happened. There’s only one thing for certain: if he doesn’t hurry up and help him, Marco will become a spirit of resentment. And there will be nothing more to be done. Andrea can’t let that happen.

  • A story between the real world and the spiritual world.

  • A mystery about the difficulty of grieving and making sense of things.

  • A book about acceptance, discovering light in moments of intense darkness, connections with the world that surrounds us, and words entrusted to the wind.
GENRE Mystery, Horror
FIRST PUBLISHER Pelledoca Editore (Italy), 2024