The True Story of the 25 Father Christmasses


Are you sure you know the true story of Father Christmas?

What if there was more than one Father Christmas in the past? Thanks to the beautiful illustrations of Yvonne Campedel and the words of Annamaria Soldera you will discover that once upon a time there were… 25 of them! But, day after day… one was too thin, another drove the sleigh too fast, one more decided to become a Hollywood star… in short, only one remained… the right one!

  • A fun Christmas story unlike any other, thanks to which children and families can fantasise and smile together with the most loved Christmas character.


GENRE Picture Book
FIRST PUBLISHER Nomos Edizioni (Italy), 2018


Annamaria Soldera, born in Sacile in 1983, moved to Treviso after a few months in Pordenone. At three she moved to the university city of Padua. At nine she was offered an exceptional means of transport, the wheelchair, and she accepted it: it is a fast vehicle, and travelling seated is always comfortable. After having tested the vehicle as a tourist across Europe, she moved to Milan, where she lived in a university college for five years. At the end of her studies she flew to the United States for a short period and then returned to Padua, where she stopped for work and began the great journey into the world of books. She began writing for cousins and nieces and nephews and, remembering the stories of her grandparents, spent some weekends in the city's retirement homes, where she met special people who are nicer than comic characters and realised that all life from birth to death is a unique, fantastic story to tell.