The Ultimate Truth

An intricate puzzle to assemble, clue after clue.

Arthur is a boy who is mad at the world. Since his father abandoned him, everything seems to be going wrong: school, friendships, his relationship with his mother. But one day, coming back home he finds the police and the investigators tell him a whole new story. His father never left. He never abandoned him. He was killed… and the killer is his mother. What remained of Arthur’s world collapses in an instant, but the boy is unwilling to believe their words. He flees, covers his tracks and, aided by two loyal friends and a purple-haired girl, begins a frenetic investigation to uncover the truth. But someone is scheming in the shadows and is determined to stop that boy… at any cost.

  • A story for children and adults who are passionate about mystery, crime novels and fast-paced investigations. An adventure for those willing to seek the truth at any cost.

  • A crime novel with compelling and menacing noir overtones. A story that also addresses the difficult theme of adolescent introspection, of the difficulty of expressing your own emotional distress.

  • A story of mystery and escape, a frenzied race in search of the truth between twists and false tracks scattered throughout the narrative.


GENRE Thriller, Action, Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Einaudi Ragazzi (Italy), 2022