The You

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The story of how Blu met Luka and what happened next.

This is the story of a girl called Blu and her four friends: Abel, Tilly, Cameron and Luka. Abel has always been Blu’s best friend; Tilly lives in another city but is constantly video calling her; Cameron is American and has just arrived in town; and Luka doesn't remember how he got there, but has superhuman strength and is invisible.

  • A tale of courage, adventure and friendship that thwarts challenges and overcomes the fear of the other.

  • Elements of adventure, fantasy and coming-of-age writing with echoes of the big screen.

  • Shortlisted for The Strega Children's Prize.

GENRE Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Rizzoli (Italy), 2019
FOREIGN RIGHTS SOLD France (L’École Des Loisirs)


Davide is not only a sci-fi and children’s author, but also a journalist and videogame translator. In 2018, Red Stars, one of his internationally successful books, won In Other Words – BookTrust’s Book in Translation Award in London. In 2017, he won the Italian Andersen Award with The Pocket Watch Gang, the adventure he dreams of having lived as a child. Then, in 2018, he was a finalist at Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis in Germany. In 2019, he won the Prix des Bouquineurs en Seine in France and the Vlag and Wimpel in the Netherlands.