Three Friends, One Diary

If you can't use your phone, how do you survive at school?
With a diary for you and your friends!

There’s a new rule at Locatelli middle school: students won’t be able to use their mobile phones for a whole school year, neither in class nor at home. How will Zoe, Isi and Lola cope with life at school without texting each other?

They decide to talk about their days in a shared notebook, pretending to take notes. The diary passes from hand to hand and is enriched with chats, drawings, stories. There’s Zoe’s cosplay and skateboarding sunsets and Isi’s inscriptions, which she loves to draw. And there’s Lola, who has fun writing about exhausted teachers and weird classmates. And then, of course, there are the unbearable David, Jacopo, Cecilia and that strange guy Filis, who Lola can’t understand.

  • Friendship, school, first loves, manga and much more!

  • Three adorable heroines, three girls on the threshold of adolescence who grow up and discover a little piece of life together.

GENRE Realistic Fiction
FIRST PUBLISHER Piemme (Italy), 2023