Until the Last Page


What does it take to find stories' lost endings?

A young writer has a bad encounter: a very naughty fairy bewitches him and the young man is left with a tragic problem. Now every time he writes a new story, the last page will always be lost! The author tries to escape his destiny: he writes and writes and writes, but ... the last page flies away, is thrown, devoured or carried off. As no one wants to edit endless stories, the young writer decides to leave with his backpack in search of fortune. He discovers the world, tries many trades, meets new people and, suddenly, begins to find the lost endings of his old stories. Will the evil spell be broken? Did the naughty fairy want to punish him or give him a life lesson?

  • The story invites any reader, young or old, to question their life and sense of priorities.

  • With a light tone, a tale of adventures to make you smile, laugh, and want to pack your bags to go and explore the world…


GENRE Picture Book
FIRST PUBLISHER Balivernes (France), 2019