Vajont 63.

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From the mountain thunder.

At 22:39 on 9 October 1963, millions of cubic metres of rock slid into the artificial lake created by the Vajont dam, causing a mega tsunami and completely destroying entire villages and burying nearly 2000 people under a sea of mud. Financial interests had gotten the better of common sense and no one had spoken out. Except for a single, lone voice that had tried to break the silence. A powerful, untarnished voice, as indomitable as the mountain itself.

  • The story of the environmental catastrophe that struck the area between Friuli and Veneto in Italy. 

  • A tale of strife, courage and anger, at the foot of a mountain which watches and observes, but will not forgive.


GENRE Biography
FIRST PUBLISHER Einaudi Ragazzi (Italy), 2019


Tommaso lives and writes on an isolated hilltop surrounded by rocks, wind, woods and roe deer. Passionate about stories, sleight of hand, comics and games, he is a curious writer and, as such, tackles various genres, ranging from historical fiction to science fiction, from adventures to thrillers. His novels have been translated into more than twenty languages.