What Did People Do Before It Existed?


An exploration of history and science through everyday objects.

How did Neolithic people store food without a fridge? And how did the ancient Romans communicate without phones? The history of mankind is peppered with great inventions; but before they came along, our ancestors had some amazing, original and often very weird solutions to their problems…

  • An exploration of history and science, through the objects we take for granted in everyday life, which takes us back in time to show children the wonder that is scientific progress.

  • Each double page explores a single invention, opening with a fun and easy definition of how and when it came into being.


GENRE Educational
FIRST PUBLISHER Nord-Sud (Italy), 2018


Giuliana hails from Lake Maggiore and worked with the editorial team at “Focus History” as a professional journalist for nearly ten years. She currently lives in Ancona and freelances with “Focus”, “Focus History” and “Focus Junior”.