What the World Will Be Like When I Grow Up


For millennia, we human beings have been walking a path made of progress and mistakes, leaps forward and steps backward. But where will the extraordinary discoveries of science take us? How will we overcome the great environmental challenges of our time?

This book tries to give an answer, one decade at a time, taking us on a fun scientific journey to discover out future up to 2080. We will live in smart cities, we will defeat pollution thanks to robotic trees, we will build space lifts a hundred thousand kilometres high, we will marry artificial intelligences, we will eat cricket flour, we will talk to animals… Massimo Temporelli, a science communicator capable of imagining the future, explains in a fun, simple way how our planet can become a wonderful place… with a little effort from all of us.


GENRE Non-Fiction
FIRST PUBLISHER Battello a Vapore (Italy), 2024