Wild Videomakers


Three friends, a bully, the killer headteacher
and an unexpected journey to the edge of the sea...
this is how the Wild Videomakers are born!


The Night of the Turtles

Sofia can’t believe it: making a video on sea turtles with Beast, the class bully! And Zhenyi is instantly anxious about participating in a European competition... but this is the punishment decreed by the headteacher and it’s not up for discussion. Luckily, Tommi is a man of many talents and is sure that the video will be a success. Scettùcene Bay is just as their science teacher described it: a half moon of sand far from everything. And Filippo, the vet who treats every injured marine animal brought to the reserve, is perfect in the interview explaining all the troubles that afflict the Mediterranean Sea. They need to report everything and really change things right away.


Wolves at Dawn

Autumn has arrived and the Wild Videomakers, on the wave of the success of their first documentary, set off again, this time to the Alps. They want to describe the life of wolves, which have been repopulating the mountains of Italy for some years. Thanks also to the help of the park ranger Giuseppe, the children collect information on the rich but delicate life of the forest, the changing mountain and the shrinking glaciers. All that remains is to film the family of wolves which they’ve seen numerous traces of, but it’s easier said than done. Will they manage?


GENRE Narrative Non-Fiction
FIRST PUBLISHER Emons Raga (Italy), 2022