A colour in the crowd

What can I become? Who will I be?
Whatever I want. Whoever I please.

A child reflects on his identity in rhyme, starting from the fact that he is something different depending on the context. A tenant in the building; a pupil at school; on the street, for some, he is an unwelcome dash of colour.

A colour can become anything it wants when it’s set free..

  • A delicate rhyming tale that's full of meaning.


GENRE Picture Book
FIRST PUBLISHER Errekappa Edizioni (Italy), 2023


Angelo Mozzillo was born in Naples in 1988 and lives in Milan. A collector of stories, he always likes to discover new ones and, when he can’t find any, he invents his own. He shuffles and rearranges words like a deck of cards, giving us stories, scripts, articles and nursery rhymes. His books include: “Io sono foglia” (Bacchilega Junior, 2020), "Giacomino Già che sei in piedi" (Biancoenero, 2020), “Quanto è piccolo il mondo" (VerbaVolant, 2019), "Viola e la luna" (Nomos, 2019), "Il Natale dell'orco Narice" (Eli La Spiga, 2019), "Abita qui Mimì?" (VerbaVolant, 2018).