Bone Music

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Music bites, it lights a fire inside you,
it’s not only about wanting to dance,
it’s about taking your freedom back.

Russia, 1960. In the exclusive Red Star school, Anna joins the prestigious Cosmo Club, an association of the best students, along with a new boy, irreverent and rebellious Marko. He brings poetry, art and music to the Club’s secret parties – Western music, rock, which is severely prohibited. He does so with bootleg records, pressed on X-rays. Western rock is freedom and life, something to blow the school’s strict rules off their hinges. The girls and boys open up to life, love, and art. They put together a clandestine magazine and compete with other schools in Moscow – until Marko’s secret is discovered by a boy with a crush on Anna, a chess champion who uses the school’s athletes as his henchmen. A conflict begins, full of chases, mysteries and emotions, leading Anna to confront her own father: a teacher at her school, and a secret agent of the Ministry of the Interior.

  • A coming-of-age novel where the relationships between the characters evolve and changes.
  • Chases, secret plans, forbidden parties, clandestine art and prohibited music. A suspenseful adventure you won't want to put down.
  • Records pressed on X-rays really existed, and they made it possible to sidestep the state monopoly on vinyl: flexible, easy to hide and costing just a few roubles, they enabled thousands of Soviets to listen to rock and roll and Western music.
GENRE Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Mondadori (Italy), 2022


Christian is the author of books for children and adults, with a passion for history, adventure and fantasy. He has worked as an editor for periodicals and publishing houses and has worked professionally with board games, simulation games and role-playing games. In 2016, he made his debut in the world of children’s fiction with the novel Fuorigioco a Berlino (The Berlin Offside), which won the 2017 Bancarellino Selection Award and the Il Gigante delle Langhe national prize.