Dear Child



A letter from Father Christmas.

Christmas is fast approaching, and girls and boys can’t forget about writing the traditional letter. But what if, this year, it was Father Christmas who wanted to write it? Surely, he’ll write about how he’s always behaved well, kept his bedroom tidy, and not eaten too many sweets... But maybe he’s not telling the truth!

  • The background of the most stereotyped character ever, showing us that, despite appearances, no one is perfect. Not even Father Christmas!


GENRE Picture book
PUBLISHER Mondadori (Italy), 2021


Matilde Tacchini is an art director, illustrator and children’s author. In elementary school, she was passionate about art and dreamt of a future in madonnara. At 19, she abandoned her chalks and dedicated herself to a degree in Art Direction at NABA. After 15 years of successful advertising campaigns, she opened a creative studio in Piacenza, where in addition to graphic design she works on literature for little ones, her real passion. Convinced that, after all, creative is one thing.



Raffaella Bolaffio was born in Trieste in late March 1977 during a snowstorm, in 1978 she learned how to hold a pencil in her hand, in 1979 she learned how to chew it, in 1980 she finally started using it to draw and since then hasn’t stopped except to eat or use the bathroom. To earn a living she chose a very nice job: she writes and draws and has published many books with various Italian and foreign publishers. She especially loves to write and draw animal stories, because she feels a certain affinity with creatures. In her spare time, she writes, draws, chews pencils, creates puppets, walks her dog, and plays the ukulele.